1973 Historic Newspaper

1973 Historic Newspaper Gift - this newspaper gift will link anyone who was
born in 1973 to the day they were born. Watch them delve into all the news
and current affairs on their special day. You can choose from a range of
national daily papers such as the Guardian , Sun , Times , Telegraph etc or
even in some cases your local newspaper. Gift boxes are also available for
those special birthday or anniversary celebrations.

            1973 Historic Newspaper Gift

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1973 Original Newspaper Information

- 1973 historic newspaper prices start from just £29.99
- Choose a 1973 national or local newspaper
- Choose your preferred date to check availability
- read all the news and events from a date in 1973

- 1973 gift boxes and a certificate of authentication available

Some Major 1973 Events

- Queen Elizabeth opens the Sydney Royal Opera House
- Robert Redford Stars in "The Sting"
- Red Rum wins the Grand National
- UK government introduces the 3-Day working Week
- New York`s World Trade Center becomes the world`s talles building
- President Richard Nixon releases edited Watergate Tapes
- Britain , Ireland and Denmark join the EEC
- Princess Anne marries lieutenant Mark Phillips at Westminster Abbey
- Egypt and Israel sign a US sponsored peace accord
- Papua New Guinea acquires self- government from Australia

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