Football Spoof Newspaper Gifts

Go on , put them in a real newspaper and choose an appropriate football
newspaper story to make a birthday that little extra special.

 Oldest Player Spoof Newspaper Gift   New England Manager Spoof Newspaper Gift   Football Spoof Newspaper Gift
   Best Old Footballer     England Manager        Wins FA Cup

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Football Newspaper Gifts Information

Choose from a host of football newspaper gifts to place your father , brother
or best friend in an authentic newspaper story and upload their photograph. You
can even change the newspaper name and if you wish write your own newspaper

A few samples are shown above but there are many many more set articles to
select from. Examples include:

Match of the day Presenter , Team`s Oldest Signing , Britains Best Young Footballer
Win European Cup For Your Team . UK`s worst Footballer , Team`s Youngest Signing
Individual teams include: Aresnal , Aston Villa , Chelsea , Liverpool , Middlesborough
Newcastle , Fulham and many many more.......

Top 3 Selling Newspaper Gifts

1)   Football newspaper Gifts
2)  Darts Newspaper Gifts
3)  Golf Newspaper Gifts

Simple Step Ordering:                                                             

1. Complete name , age and date of newspaper 
2. Select Football Newspaper Gifts Article and Newspaper Name  
Upload Your chosen photo..

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