This Is Your Life Newspaper Gift

This is your life newspaper is another newspaper gift idea that is
growing in popularity each day.

What Is A "This Is Your Life Newspaper?"

This is a commemmorative gift package involving a choice of three to ten
newspapers all bound into a burgundy leatherette hardback book . The
gift is based on the popular TV show hosted by the late Eamonn Andrews ,
an Irish television presenter. Andrews , surprised famous people from all
backgrounds and proceeded to relate their life history in front of a live
audience from information gathered in a big red book. The whole event
was televised and the show became popular for decades.

In this instance , the burgundy book contains
a selection of complete
reproduction newspapers from the same date every 10 years to portray
what was happening at home and abroad on a particular anniversary or

Example This Is Your Life Newspaper Gift

So for example , say your father is about to celebrate his 60th
birthday you could order a This Is Your Life Newspaper Gift with a choice
of 7 newspapers bound into two books (each book usually takes up to
5 newspapers)
. The first newspaper would be dated to match your father`s
birth date and each of the other newspapers would match his birthdays
for his 10th , 20th and so on up to his current birthday.

                   This Is Your Life Newspaper Gift

This Is Your Life Newspaper Book Personalisation

To round off this gift you can opt to personalise the This Is Your Life
Newspaper Book by opting to have your father`s name and the date
of his 60th birthday embossed onto the front of the book
. You can
see from the above image that the book will already have the words
Remember When  and This Is Your Life Edition pre embossed onto
the cover.

More Information - This Is Your Life Newspaper Book

You can get more information about this gift , how much each
package costs and what newspapers are available for your chosen date
by visiting This Is Your Life Neswpaper

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