Wine and Newspaper Gifts                               

A fabulous selection of wines , spirits and champagne in combination
with an original newspaper dated to co-incide with a special birthday
or anniversary. Also , a classic retirement gift.

                               From £69.99

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Available Wine and Newspaper Gifts:                                                       

These wine and newspaper gifts come in various combinations and
prices start at £69.99. Some options include:

Example Wine and Newspaper Gift Option                                                                  

Chateau Limothe-Cissac Cuvee Vieilles Vignes 2001 plus a regional
newspaper for £69.99 or a national newspaper such as the Express , Mirror
Daily Telegraph , FT , Daily Mail  and more at £79.99.

Other selections include:                                                  

Champagne and Newspaper from £79.99
Whisky and Newspaper from £79.99
Port and Newspaper from £69.99
Cognac and Newspaper from £89.99
25 YO Armagnac and Newspaper from £139.99
30 YO Armagnac and Neswpaper from £189.99
40 YO Armagnac and Newspaper from £289.99
50 YO Armagnac and Newspaper from £389.99
60 YO Armagnac and Newspaper from £489.99

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